5 Influential Fitness and Business People to Follow in 2015

After great debate and unbiased review, here are 5 people that you should follow as they continue to innovate their message to their peers and the industry. 1. George 2. George 3. George 4. George 5. George I spit hot fire. #leagueofshadows — In all seriousness: Your priorities are probably not in order if you’re more worried about who’s on …

Last-Minute FREE Christmas Card

I created this last-minute Christmas card (or holiday card) for your gift cards (or money) for FREE! Simply print, put together, and enjoy! Click to Download PDF! Happy Holidays!

This Feels Good

Fill a cart or basket with either toys or canned food. Pay for it. Donate it to a good cause. (In my case, Toys for Tots drop-off at Dante Rivera Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Challenge others to give back. Tag it #ThisFeelsGood if you want.