It Took Dr. Dre 10 Years To Do a Detox; Why Are You Rushing To Do One?

In the past week, I’ve heard and read about multiple people going on “wellness detoxes” and “detox diets” again.

They had short term results, so this time it has to work, right?

Look, if you’re constantly going on the same detox and seeing limited results, maybe there is a fundamental issue in your daily lifestyle that you need to observe and orient yourself to.

If you want a prime example of someone who has gotten better by delaying a Detox, look no further than Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre 2001 - Still Dre

2001: Dr. Dre in the music video "Still Dre"

By delaying his Detox for 10 years and staying on his steady regiment of exercise, nutrition, and creating dope beats and hit records, he has dropped body fat and built a fortress of lean muscle to keep the haters out.

Dr. Dre 2011 I Need a Doctor

2011: Dr. Dre, still sans-Detox, leaner & meaner in his "I Need a Doctor" music video.

So before you’re quick to just remove everything from your daily lifestyle, throw on Dr. Dre 2001 Track 4, orient yourself and ask yourself these two questions:

“What’s the Difference Between Me (where I am at now) and You (where I could be if I did certain things better)?” and “What would Dr. Dre do?”

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