If you win, I win.

I've spent close to 20 years to build an education that includes a personal training, coaching and jiu-jitsu background, as well as working with various computer, web, database, social, and marketing technologies to analyze and improve business practices to create cost-effective solutions.

Throughout my career, I have spent considerable time working on problem-solving, cultivating positive relationships and growth in a team environment, and effectively communicating with a team, fellow colleagues, company partners, and end-users.

I am smart enough to know what I don't know.

I focus on being better and learning from everyone around me everyday.
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Benefits for George's Customers

Unlimited Potential

"Can we do this?" evolves to "We did this!"

Attention to Detail

Strategies that include short-term and long-term scalability

Easy Plan Customizing

Simple all-encompassing plans for maximum results

Rapidly Scale & Launch

Projects can move and pivot fast to meet your needs
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