Planning for the Future as a Business Owner During COVID-19

April 20, 2020

Small Business Owners:

As difficult as it can be, please try to envision and see the long-term future.

Business has changed.

If you take anything from this post:

== You still have and offer tremendous value to your customers during these uncertain times. ==

Severely devaluing yourselves now will hurt yourself in the future if you primarily do a majority of your business “offline.”

When the opportunity does arise to reopen:

- There may be a portion of customers who will still be struggling with finances.
- There may a portion of customers who will be concerned about getting sick and choose to remain distant for their own health and safety.
- There may be customers that have now become accustomed to getting similar results that they would get in-person online and will likely stick to that.

There may be a significant amount of revenues that you are planning will be available after reopening, but unfortunately they may not be there.

== You have to start planning for that NOW. ==

You will need to have the ability to load balance, pivot, and shift between online and offline offerings.

If you haven’t done so already:

- Start looking at your customer bases, segments of interactions, LTV, and marketing sources.
- Why would people drop off?
- How would they still want to consume/utilize your services?
- What could you do to make sure that they win?
- If they win, you win.

- Start planning strategies for your customers, your employees, and your own safety which can be easily communicated.
- While it will be exciting to have hundreds of customers back in your business, you have to focus on those 1 or 2 that are seriously concerned about their safety.

While it has been a very subjective conversation of who’s hurting more - economy vs public health, I think it’s a relatively simple answer.

Everyone is hurting is some way and putting stress on one’s mental health.

If you can take a moment try to put yourself in this situation:

You have a close family member, friend, or co-worker who has to be isolated, be alone, while struggling with health and pain, and in some cases, helpless and dying alone.

I see talks about flu and other disease numbers but here’s something real simple:

I would never want that to happen to anyone of those people you care about.

That goes the same with businesses:

Small business owners don’t have direct access to funding that was supposedly meant for them. Programs were supposed to make things better for them, but they haven’t.

== What you may not consider as an essential business is an essential business to small business owners. ==

They want to keep a roof over their head, food on the table, and their family members, friends, and pets safe, as well as keep their businesses open for the customers and employees that they serve… and don’t know if they’ll make it.

In short:
- I’ve had friends have family members die alone.
- I’ve had others have to make some very tough decisions for business. I will never understand the burden they have because I’m not them.
- I know people struggling waiting for aid that has put them in survival mode.
- I’ve talked with a couple people that want to give up.

There’s damage all around, so let’s try to appreciate others’ situations.

My offer still stands:

If you are looking for ways to try to load balance, shift, or pivot some of your business online, or streamline and automate some of your processes for the future, I want to try to help you.

Send me a message, even if it's to just vent. I'll listen.

We can hop on a call, video chat, talk some things out, and try to work together to navigate these trying times.

If there are ways we can work together going forward, we'll figure out a way.

No marketing BS about "implementation calls”, "kickoffs”, and all that other crap. You don’t have time for it.

I don’t have all the answers. But I’ll do what I can to help.

Even as we stand socially distant, we must stand together.

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