Review: “Ultimate Athleticism” by Max Shank

December 12, 2014

I’m not one to mince words.

Max asked me to review his new book, “Ultimate Athleticism,” prior to its release, as he has spent the past year working on it. I told him to expect that I would be honest with my feedback.

With that said:

His book is one of the better fitness and exercise books I’ve had the opportunity to read in the past year, with 203 pages of quality content (concepts, progressions, regressions, carryover, suggested programming, and much more).

Max says on page 125 regarding specific lifts:

“If you want to get really, really good at the lifts, stop reading here and go find a good coach to work with in person.”

Max realizes the best way for you and your clients to improve is to work with a coach/trainer/professional in person. He gets it and it’s refreshing to read.

Unfortunately, I think that due to politics and dogma, a lot of people will not give his book the opportunity and respect that it deserves. That is the reason why I’m writing this review. He’s put a lot of time and effort into this project, and it should be read by as many people in the fitness industry as possible.

If you exercise or train people, you need to buy this book.

You and your clients will benefit from it.

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