The “Buzzword” That Most of the Fitness Industry Lost Sight Of

February 24, 2011


Prospective Client: “My goal is to lose two pant sizes. So what do you do?”

Trainer: “I’m a Certified Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach / Wellness Coach / Life Coach that specializes in functionaltraining and also prescribes corrective exercise after a movement screen to improve my client’s mobility and movement.

“specializes / (specialist),” “functional,” “prescribes,” “corrective exercise,” “screen/assessment,” “mobility,” “movement”

Dear “trainer” / “Coach,” you are not a medical professional, so let’s remove “prescribes” from the list and your vocabulary immediately.

That leaves us with “specializes / (specialist),” “functional,” “prescribes,” “corrective exercise,” “screen/assessment,” “mobility,” “movement.”

Buzzword overload.

Unfortunately, as members of the fitness industry continue to try to coin the next big “buzzword” in the industry, many lose sight of the buzzword that matters the most.


For “movement,” I find a majority of “fitness professionals” can’t give a clear definition that is repeatable.

For “functional,” I hope you’re also looking at how your clients are doing their everyday tasks (and patterns to those tasks as well). Blue Collar Bob won’t be replicating most of the exercises that you do in a session before he has to go pick heavy stuff up from the ground and place over his shoulder / above his head safely for 8+ hours.

Enough has been said about this, it’s not “corrective” if it’s just “correct” for the client at that time to get the desired result.

There are many different “screens” / “assessments” to utilize; if your client improves/gets better from where they previously were before by utilizing the data that you collected, I’d say that’s better is better. Again, revisiting “functional,” how they demonstrate a daily task pattern in the beginning of a session then throughout the session can be an “assessment” as well.

We all have different tools in the toolkit; how we apply those tools will slightly vary as well.

However, all those “buzzwords” and tools won’t matter if you can’t deliver your clients “results.”

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