Individual Jiu-Jitsu/MMA Programming


Everything is built off of an assessment. As we like to say assess do not guess. There is a detailed why behind every decision we make. Think about this as an extremely specific plan made exactly for you with the goal of improving your health and fitness. The assessment will tell us exactly what you need to work on. Together we will formulate the best approach to reaching all of your goals while improving your breathing, mobility, body composition, and athleticism.

Once you purchase your program we will send you a video tutorial of how to complete the assessment on your own. Once you have completed the assessment, a thirty minute video call will be scheduled to discuss your program.

We will use an app to host your program. It is extremely user friendly and allows you to ask questions, input numbers, and provide feedback. At the end of week six we will schedule another video call to lock in the next six weeks.

Upon completing week twelve of your program we will have our third video call. Here we will review your program, discuss progress and answer any questions you have.

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